Rick / Body Man & Fabricator
Mindy Beth / Artist
The Ultimate
Husband & Wife Team
Rick Matarazzo has been in the motorcycle business his whole life. He is an amazing body-man and fabricator.

Besides being gifted with the ability to fix anything with a dent, ding or scratch, Rick is truly an artist in his own right. He is a man ahead of his own time with fabrication ideas and designs that leave one asking...."How did he come up with that?" 

It takes skill to lay down a perfect coat of clear. Not too many people can do it. But his clear coat is appreciated by those who "know" what they are looking at. Rick's clear is what brings Mindy's artwork to life. 

But what's most unique is Rick's "wicked awesome" seamless fender design. Yeah sure.....we see people customizing their tail lights to appear flush with the car's surface, but no one does it like Rick. The fender is COMPLETELY smooth. NO SEAMS. It's a special process he created years ago and it's TOP SECRET. 

Mindy likes to incorporate her artwork with the taillight designs to appear as though there is no brake light. To the naked eye all that can be seen is gorgeous custom airbrushing. No one knows the fender has a functional taillight, that is......until it's turned on. Then silence is filled with classic oooooohs and aaaaaahs! 

And that explains why they are called 

Mindy Beth Matarazzo is a self-taught airbrush artist. She is dedicated whole-heartedly to her craft, always striving to be a stronger artist with every piece she creates. Whether it be a '66 Corvette, motorcycle, a child's wall mural or even a boat, you can be sure she will put her best into everything she paints.

Rick & Mindy   July 10, 2004

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